Second Letter

Gerald As Worshipful Master (founder Black Mountain Lodge No. 845), on the right, with P. Grandmaster Jack R Levitt

  • The Brother in the middle with the moustache is the newly obligated Fellowcraft.
  • Other brothers with white aprons are Fellowcraft or Master Masons. Entered Apprentices are not present, it was a second degree. (Note: EA wear theirs with the flap turned up. No Ornamentation’s on the aprons. A USA Mason visiting your Lodge will wear a plain white apron, unless he is a Past Master. We are F.&A.M. not A.F.&A.M.) Worshipful Master is wearing his top hat (Standard in Califoria). Behind him is his Orator – Gerald- White hair!
  • Bible with the Square and Compass,  (not Compasses in the U.S.A. California anyhow) (Legs closed – Lodge closed).
  • Arranged differently for each Degree, Implements face the candidate NOT the Master.
  • Altar is located in the center of the Lodge Rectangle. Note: The Center of the Lodger is halfway between the Altar and West.
  • The Three Lights are self evident.
  • Behind the door, top right, is the Chamber of Reflection. Also used in France, Mexico and the Scottish/Ancient & Accepted Rite.